about us

The Utsav Upvan name is proudly borne by its Unique Identity of being the one and only First resort of Giridih. Experience the luxury in our hotel, we are committed to providing our guests with memorable journeys inspired by exquisite hospitality practices. We believe life should be lived with style.

Each year, an increasing number of guests come to appreciate these qualities, as Utsav Upvan adds new, exciting achievements as a feather to its cap. The most trending & happening place we attract through our distinct flair of location and service is our USP. While this growth reflects the strength and success of the Utsav Upvan brand, the collection will remain a limited one, where exclusivity can be nurtured and individuality can flourish.

We are wholeheartedly committed to providing perfection for our guests at every moment and in every way. Perhaps it’s something as life-changing as a wedding celebration, where our attention to detail and perfect service mean that your special day goes without a hitch. At Utsav Upvan we are each personally responsible for creating rich and meaningful experiences for our guests.