parasnath hills

Located at a height of 4.490 ft, Parasnath is the highest peak in the state. It is a perfect blend of scenic and spirituality. Shikharji, located in Parasnath is one of the holiest sites of the Jain community. It is said that out of the 24 Thirthankaras of Jains, 20 received nirvana on Parshvnatha Hills. For each of them there is a shrine (gumti or tuk) on the hill. Some of the temples on the hill are believed to be more than 2,000 years old. However, although the place is habited from ancient times, the temples may be of more recent origin. The Santhals call it Marang Buru, the hill of the deity. They celebrate a hunting festival on the full moon day in Baisakh (mid April).